Pinoy Inmates can avail SSS soon?

Good news to Pinoy inmates!
Under the microsavings scheme  called "AlkanSSSya" of Social Security System( SSS) unveils that they are planning  to include jail inmates earning a living from making handicrafts while inside a correctional facility.

SSS President and Chief Executive Officer Emilio de Quiros, Jr. in a said in the statement there will already 80 women inmates started to benefits the AlkanSSSya in BJMP Quezon City.

"Inmates have proven that they can still be productive despite incarceration by creating bags, rags and other handicrafts. With the AlkanSSSya program, they can now save even when in prison and look forward to getting social protection from SSS in the future," he added.

The AlkanSSSya, which derives its concept from a piggy bank, is a large cabinet with secure individual compartments in which members can put their savings for monthly SSS contributions. Each AlkanSSSya unit can store the SSS savings of up to 160 members. Each members contributes a minimum of  P312 per month ( around 10/day) to make savings for SSS membership.

Hundreds of garbage pickers from the Payatas dumpsite joined the AlkanSSSya program last December 3, 2012 as a result of the same meeting, which was also attended by Col. Jameel RM Jaymalin, Director of the Payatas Poverty Alleviation Foundation Inc. (PPAFI).

News Source: PIA