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Why Girls should Ride on GoKart with Extra Care?

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Hair is known for as the woman's crowning glory but in some cases it leads to tragic fate.

Last January 2013, a terrible accident happened in Indianapolis where a 19-year old woman lost almost 80% of her scalp and suffering skull fractures  due to Go-Kart accident.

The victim identified as Shelbi Crouch, while  navigating  the Whiteland Raceway's track together with her boyfriend , her curly-blonde long hair get entangled in the Go-Karts expose axle, ripping off her scalp brutally.

She was taken to the hospital by medical helicopter. Police found a helmet and neck brace at the scene, but it's unclear whether she was told to contain her hair. Whiteland's police report calls it an accident, concluding “no further investigation needed.”

Crouch suffered a T-4 incomplete spinal cord injury leaving her paralyzed  due to infections while undergoing several head surgery.

Crouch is not alone.

In 2010, an Australian Muslim woman was killed when her Burkha or long garment flew into the wheels of a go-kart she was riding, crushing her throat.

Another incident also happened in 2011,a 13-year-old Lesmurdie girl nearly died when her heart stopped after her hair was caught in the axle of a go-kart at Wanneroo.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission recalled 305,000 go-karts in the mid-1990s after riders were killed when their hair became “entangled in the rotating rear axle.”

That led the American Society for Testing and Materials, an organization that sets international product standards, to release new industry standards in 2000 for go-karts ridden at public facilities.
Part of the standard calls for go-karts to have protective covers over the axles. It reads as follows: "Concession go-karts shall have protective covers or component placement for moving or heated components of the engine and drive train system, to inhibit driver or passenger from inadvertent contact with these components while seated in the intended position for operation and while properly restrained."
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