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Mutya Datul won as Miss Supranational 2013 | Special Awards & Top 20 List

In the grand finale of the Miss Supranational 2013 held at the Palace of Sports of Minsk on 6 September, the contestant from the Philippines won the title.

Mutya Datul from PH took home the crown and $25,000 in prize money in the said 3rd most prestigious beauty contest after Miss World and Miss Universe.

 The 21-year old beauty queen is fond of dancing, listening to music and watching TV. Mutya also won the Miss Personality title.

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23-year old Mexican Jacqueline Morales was named the 1st Runner-up while Leyla Kose from Turkey was named the 2nd Runner-up.

Cok Istri Krisnanda from Indonesia was named the 3rd-Runner up

Esonica Veira from the U.S. Virgin Islands became the 4th Runner-up

The following contestants won continental subtitles and special awards:

4th RUNNER UP: US Virgin Islands
3rd RUNNER UP: Indonesia
2nd RUNNER UP: Turkey
1st RUNNER UP: Mexico
MISS SUPRANATIONAL 2013: Philippines Mutya Datul

1. Miss National Dress - Nicaragua
2. Miss Talent - Malaysia
3. Miss Friendship - Macau
4. Miss Personality - Philippines
5. Miss Elegance - Sweden
6. Miss Top Model - Moldova
7. Miss Photogenic - Puerto Rico
8. Miss Internet - Myanmar
9. Miss Asia and Oceania - Australia
10. Miss America - Brazil
11. Miss Europe - Belarus
12. Miss Africa - Gabon

TOP 20 
1. Venezuela
2. Puerto Rico
3. Australia
4. Poland
5. Gabon
6. Canada
7. Thailand
8. Indonesia
9. US Virgin Islands
10. Luxembourg
11. India
12. Mexico
13. Myanmar
14. Belarus
15. Philippines
16. Russia
17. Latvia
18. Brazil
19. Turkey
20. Ukraine

The final show was hosted by Ivan Podrez and Denis Kuryan and co-hosted by Yekaterina Buraya. The show was watched by over one billion people from 100 countries.
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