Thursday, October 30, 2014

Juan Flavier, former DOH Secretary and Senator dies at 79

MANILA, Philippines – Former DOH secretary and senator Juan Flavier (Juan Martin Flavier) passed away on Thursday afternoon due to multiple organ failure caused by pneumonia at 79 years old.

According to a report from GMA News, Flavier's daughter Joy Flavier-Alampay has confirmed that her father succumbed to multiple organ failure and sepsis due to pneumonia.

Alampay also said that the former senator had been confined at the National Kidney Transplant Institute since September 11 this year.

During his tenure as Senator, Juan Flavier authored a number of laws, such as the Anti-Money Laundering Law, Poverty Alleviation Law, Clean Air Act and Traditional Medicine Law.
He is known for his perfect attendance in the Senate, as well as being the Senator to make least use of his PDAF (Presidential Development Assistance Fund).

Flavier is most famous for a number of campaigns such as the “Let’s DOH It!” campaign under the Department of Health and the Yosi Kadiri campaign against cigarette smoking.
Prior to his appointment as the Secretary of Health, he went to serve the barrio people of Nueva Ecija and Cavite.

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Juan M. Flavier was a former Secretary of the Department of Health and a senator (June 30, 1995 – June 30, 2007). He was born in Tondo, Manila eventually moving to Baguio City where he finished his secondary studies at the Baguio City National High School. He is trained as a Medical Doctor and received his degree in Medicine from the prestigious University of the Philippines College of Medicine, UP Manila in 1960 and Masters in Public Health from Johns Hopkins University in 1969.
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