Saturday, November 22, 2014

Viral : 91-year-old woman rises from dead in Warsaw Poland

A news report has gone viral last week pertaining to a 91-year-old Polish woman was declared dead and spent 11 hours in a morgue before waking up.

The said woman was identified as Janina Kolkiewicz was declared dead by Wieslawa Czyz, a physician who examined her after receiving a call from her family. She reported finding "no basic life functions" during the examination, which included checking for a pulse and checking Kolkiewicz's pupils for dilation, but the patient showed no signs of vitality.

"If I had had doubts, I would have called the ambulance, done an electrocardiogram, but I was sure that the patient is dead," Czyz told the Associated Press.

The dramatic event happened on November 6, but the information emerged in the local press 7 days after.
Reportedly,her family then began making funeral arrangements as Kolkiewicz was taken to a local morgue. However, just 11 hours later, the woman awoke inside a cold body bag and reportedly asked for hot tea and pancakes. While some attribute her waking to a miraculous phenomenon known as the Lazarus effect, one mortuary technician said it is more likely that Kolkiewicz simply had an extremely faint pulse.

Kolkiewicz has no children and was never married. Her niece has been taking care of the old woman in her dotage

Her death certificate was then declared invalid, the newspaper says.

Ms Kolkiewicz told her relatives she felt "normal, fine" after returning home.

She is apparently unaware of how near she came to the grave.

Ms Kolkiewicz told her relatives she felt "normal, fine" after returning home.She is apparently unaware of how near she came to the grave BBC News reported.

Police authorities have started an investigation into the ‘resurrection’ case.
In another November miracle resurrection, Zachariah Kasagga, a fisherman in Uganda, also rose from the dead after being buried. However he died hours later in hospital.

Also in Africa, Brighton Dama Zanthe, 34, ‘died’ after a long illness at home in Zimbabwe in May 2013. However when the mourners paid tribute to him lying in the coffin, they noticed his legs were moving. The ‘deceased’ man turned out to be very much alive and was immediately taken to hospital.

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