Missing Flight QZ8501: Full list of passengers,nationalities on board

Update on missing AirAsia Flight QZ8501 as of 5:00PM 28 December 2014.

AirAsia bares the flight manifest with the list of all the passengers on board of the said missing aircraft:

There were 155 passengers on boad with 138 adults,16 childrens and 1 infant.Also on board were 2 pilots and 5 cabin crew.

Nationalities of passengers on board are as follows:
1 french
1 malaysian
1 singaporean
2 south koreans
156 Indonesian
(No Filipino paasengers reported)

The flight QZ8501 reportedly gone
missing after it lost contact to Air Traffic Controller.The said aircaft had requested flight route deviation due to bad weather before it lost contact with the Air Traffic Controller.

Report says the said aircraft had only 4.5 hours of reserved fuel and supposedly to reach Singapore morning time.

AirAsia is now cooperating with Indonesia Aviation Authorities to conduct search and rescue operation on the missing plane believed had sank in the sea.

For updates on Twitter just search hashag :QZ8501

AirAsia hotline: +622129850801

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