Saturday, December 20, 2014

Play while Studying: Dota Class is now offered in China University

Computer game like DOTA is one of best past time to youths nowadays. But have you ever think it’s possible to have a professional career on it? Well, in China it’s possible!

According to Kotaku, Chongqing Energy College now has a course on Defense of the Ancients, aka DOTA. But various reports mentioned that it didn't specify whether the class covers Valve's Dota 2.

The course is called "Recent Development of Electronic Sports and Analysis of DOTA" and is limited to only 90 students. That apparently doesn't stop over two hundred students from squeezing into the lecture hall.

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The said report also didn’t mentioned the how much is the tuition fee and if the student will received a certificate upon passing the course.

“Electronic sport courses cultivate their own ways of thinking, a sense of determination and coordination that remains indispensable long after their enter the working world", Zeng Qingqing , the lecturer of the said class and also an avid Dota player told MOMBOMB website.

In any case the class is said to be limited to just 90 students, but given how popular the MOBA genre is in China, with some of the top teams being from China, we’re guessing that the class will most likely fill up pretty fast.Now the class isn’t so much about learning how to be a better DotA player, but rather taking the strategies players use in DotA and applying it to real-life situations, Ubergizmo website said.

Although you can learn DOTA by yourself, attending a formal class would help you gaining strategies in international competition.Imagine if you win, millions of cash prizes awaits!
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