Monday, January 19, 2015

Baby's dead body found in a Village.Video draws flak from Netizens

A tearful video of a dead baby was uploaded by Archie Fosgate Denolo in facebook draws both sympathy and criticisms from Netizens.

In the video, a certain man lift the abandoned dead baby found in the grass area, transferred to carton box before it was brought  funeral.But what the most disappointing part is you can see the people in the video laughing and smiling while taking photos on the poor child.

Is this how Filipino treated the dead respectfully? I ask myself.

The video uploader did not give further details on the identity of the baby and the location of where was the corpse found.

You could hear the people in the video talking in Tagalog and Ilokano dialect, so probably the incident took place in Luzon.
One of the commenters [Sonia Sablas-Odell ] said.
Grabe ung mga tao mka goodbye very insincere.... Puro pa tawa... Ng picture pa talaga! Paano nyo pa na sasave sa phone nyo ang image na ito.. I was hoping this baby is alive kaya ko pinanood.. Mas matindi pa kau sa ina nitong baby na to.
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