Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Alleged Uploader of Viral Mamasapano Video Appeared to NBI Davao

Davao City - After receiving an invitation from NBI, the alleged person who uploaded the brutal video in Mamasapano clash, showing a wounded SAF Commando closely-shot twice in the head had surfaced.

"Yang-yang", whose real name was withheld, arrived at the NBI Region XI office in Davao City around 9 a.m. Wednesday according to ABS-CBN report.

NBI Cybercrime Division Executive Officer Victor Lorenzo said they scanned the social media and identified Yang-yang as the source based on the upload date.

But Yang-Yang denied the allegations that his the original uploader of the Mamasapano viral video.
Photo : ABS-CBN Davao
Yang-yang said he downloaded the Mamasapano video from his Facebook friend's account and uploaded it on his account through his mobile phone.

However he said he's willing to cooperate with the authorities, considering that he personally knows the first uploader  and his whereabouts.

Lorenzo said the uploader could be charged with violation of Article 201 of the Revised Penal Code for his obscene publication.

Yang-yang whose a resident of Kidapawan already took down the Mamasapano video and even deactivated his Facebook page after receiving flak, negative comments, and threats, which he said has affected his personal life and his family.

On Monday, De Lima stressed the importance of identifying who uploaded the viral video on the internet, since he or she could be summoned in court as a witness.

Source : ABS-CBN | Philstar
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