Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Viral: Moro Rebel Took Video while Finishing Off Half-Dead PNP-SAF

A new cellphone video on Mamasapano encounter is now making rounds on social media after it was posted by an alleged Moro rebel who participated in the bloody firefight on January 25.

The disturbing video shows several armed MILF or BIFF members approach half-dead PNP-Special Action Force commando and finally shot him in the head with a pistol. Over the background heavy gun-fires can be heard while the camera also captures a pile of dead body still in SAF uniform.

The video was taken in the encounter site wherein around 36 PNP-SAF members demised as they served as they protect withdrawing the main platoon of SAF who killed Marwan.

The MILF maintain that they just did a self-defense and blames the government forces for failing to coordinate with the Central Committee before the launching operation.

On January 25, 44 PNP troops where believed slaughtered by Moro rebels as out on a mission to track down Zulkifli Abdhir, alias “Marwan”, a Malaysian bomb expert with a US$5 million price on his head. He’s been on FBI most wanted list since 2005.

Meanwhile, Netizens outrageuously reacts to the latest video and calling to abolish BBL prepare for all-out-war against MILF and BIFF.

Update : The viral guy in this brutal video was possitively identified by his brother as Police Officer Joseph G. Sagonoy, the youngest among the 44 SAF members who died in the said raid.

In an abs-cbn report, Julius Sagonoy, brother of 26-year-old PO1 Joseph Sagonoy, confirmed that it was his brother who was seen in the video being shot at close range by a still unidentified gunman.

"Kumpirmado ko po talaga na siya po 'yung nasa video, 'yung tama po sa panga niya, saka 'yung mukha talaga niya. Siya talaga 'yun, 'di po ko pwedeng magkamali kasi kapatid ko po 'yun," Julius told dzMM.

Sagonoy expressed dismay with the uploading of the video, as his family is still grieving over the death of his brother.

''Tinorture po 'yung kapatid ko. Ginawa pong aso. Ginawang hayop ang pagpatay sa kanya,'' he said.

"Halos araw-araw po 'yung nanay namin umiiyak, 'di po niya matanggap talaga na wala na ang kapatid namin. Sobra pong galit ang kinikimkim niya ngayon
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