Thursday, March 19, 2015

Philhealth Membership and Contributions Records Now Available Online!

Davao City - Good news to Philhealth members for now they can access their membership and contribution records through an online member inquiry facility made readily available in the agency’s website.

Using their unique Philhealth Identification Number (PIN), members will have to register and come up with a password which will serve as reference once they log in to their individual records.

The facility allows members to view pertinent information found in one’s Member Data Record (MDR) such as their address, date of birth, dependents information and even history of contributions.

Aside from the member inquiry facility, members can also search and view the amount of their Philhealth benefits based on the Case Rate payment scheme or fixed package rate per medical condition or procedure.

With the Search Case Rates toolbar, members will only have to type the description or code of the illness or procedure to view the amount of the benefit and the distribution of the hospital and professional fees.

According to Philhealth, this e-innovation is part of another milestone as it celebrates its 20th year in the health care industry.

Both the member inquiry facility and case rates toolbar can be found in the homepage of their website,

Source : PIA
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