Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Philhealth now offers benefits for MERS-COV patients | See package for non-health and health workers here!

The Department of Health had officially announced last month that Philhealth is now set to cover members with confirmed cases of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome-Corona Virus(MERS-COV).

In an statement Philhealt said that the benefit maybe availed in an Accredit ted Healthcare Institution(HCI) that has capabilities and facilities to manage MERS-COV (like RITM), such as those with negative isolation rooms and respirators.

Below is the worth of the package benefits and allocation set by Philhealth.

For Non-health worker, up to P50,000 maximum coverage will provided.

- 10,000 (1,500 per day) for room and board.
- 15,000 (1,000/day) for professional fee.
- 5,000 for medicines, lab tests, personal protective equipment and ambulance fee.

For health worker, she/she is entitled for up to P100,000 maximum coverage.

- 10,00 (1,500 per day) for room and board.
- 30,00(1k/day) for professional fee
- and 60k 5,000 for medicines, lab test, personal protective equipment and ambulance fee.

Philhealth said the “Health Workers” are those employees or institutional workers of HCI, located whether in PH or abroad that cared of or had a close contact with MERS-COV patient and may had been contracted while performing their duty.

Earlier this month, the Department of Health(DOH) announced the firts confirmed case of MERS-COV in the country after a a Filipina Nurse arrived from Saudi last Feb 1.

Last week, the Filipina nurse was already discharged after being able to recover from the respiratory ailment while confined at the Research Institute fr Tropical Medicine or RITM.

Source: DOH
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