Wednesday, March 18, 2015

PMA Bares Cadet List for 2019 - List of Passers now Available Online!

Manila, Philippines - On March 28,Wednesday, the Philippine Military Academy bares the list of cadets who finally been selected to compose the PMA Class of 2019.

According to announcement posted at PMA portal, a total of 11,811 cadet aspirants simultaneously took the Entrance Examination at the 37 examination centers all over the country on August 03 2014.

"These cadets were among the 18,188 who forwarded an application form through mail and online and those who came to the examination center as walk-in applicants with the intent of taking the 2014 exam", it said.
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"Of those who took the said qualifying examination, only 1,189 passed and 874 of them reported to the AFP Medical Center for their Complete Physical Examination"

After a grueling deliberation of results, 350 applicants are now close to their dreams in serving the country.

 View here the list of incoming PMA cadets for 2019 or you may download it as well.
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