Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Mary Jane Veloso Execution Suspended, 8 Others Faced Midnight Firing Squad in Indonesia

Almost out of hope but the news suddenly turn the nation to rejoice when Mary Jane Veloso was spared in the last minute of the midnight execution. Thanks to Widodo's mercy!

Various sources said that following the arrest of Cristina Sergio, the alleged recruiter of the convicted Filipina.

A spokesman for the Attorney General's Office said the execution of Mary Jane Veloso, who was arrested in 2010 after she arrived in Indonesia with 2.6 kg of heroin hidden in her suitcase had been delayed following the arrest of Cristina Sergio, the alleged recruiter of Veloso.

However, eight drug-trafficking convicts from several countries were executed by an Indonesian firing squad shortly after midnight on Wednesday, media said.

It is expected that the Indonesian attorney general H.M. Prasetyo will make a statement giving official confirmation of the executions this morning, said The Guardian said.

Meanwhile, there is relief among supporters of Mary Jane Veloso as it was confirmed that her execution had been stayed. Although her reprieve is said to be temporary, her family said it gave them fresh hope.

Her mother, Celia Veloso, told Philippine radio station DZMM:
Miracles do come true. We are so happy, I can’t believe it. I can’t believe my child will live.
We had no more hope. My [other] children were already in the island waiting to pick up her body.
We are all so happy. Her kids were all awake, yelling ‘Yes, yes, mama will live!’
I will tell her it is true what she said: if God wants you to live, as long as there is a minute left, he will save you
The 30-year old Filipina from Nueva Ecija, Mary Jane Veloso , a mother of two claims she went to Indonesia for a job as a maid but was duped into carrying drugs by an international drug syndicate.

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