Monday, May 11, 2015

Philippine Coast Guard to Acquire (2) Sherpa C- 23B+ aircraft from U.S Army

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In response of growing pressure of external threats , the Philippine Army and Philippine Coast Guard are now dealing with U.S to buy out two units of Sherpa C-23B+ aircraft. The said medium transport aircraft is capable of troops airdrop, cargo transport , and can be also converted paramedical evacuation.

In Malaya report, the Philippine Coast Guard confirms negotiation for 4 C-23 Sherpa with United States military to be transferred as Excess Defense Articles.

The report noted, PCG spokesperson Cmdr. Armand Balilo said an inspection team will be travelling to US next week to check the aircraft. Units of C-23 Sherpa aircraft are being eyed to augment existing Islander planes for maritime patrol missions.

The Sherpa C23B+ planes were built in the United Kingdom and like the An-2s, can land on soft surfaces such as grass.It can carry three crew members and up to 36 passengers, flying up to 468 kilometers per hour to maximum distances of 1,900 kilometers. The Sherpa is suited for missions requiring an aircraft that is capable of faster, higher-altitude and longer-distance coverage than helicopters. It has a low operating cost due to its simple, robust construction.

United States used Sherpa C-23 to transport fewer cargoes and small military units in Iraq. It can take off with a load of approximately 5,400 kilograms.

Photos: Christopher Ebdon / Flickr
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