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Iloilo City : Drunk Girl Raped in a Party, Photo Spreads over Social Media

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ILOILO CITY- A photo of a drunken girl being sexually abused by several men in a party recently alarmed Netizens and has generated comments over the social media sites especially on Facebook.

The photo was allegedly taken in one of the most visited party places in Bacolod as stated in the Facebook post. Some netizens also speculated that this was captured during a wet and wild party.

To protect the identity of the victim and the alleged suspects, the photo has been intentionally censored. As of the moment, there has been no response from the “uploader” of the photo.

After the said issue made its rounds on social media, people were alarmed about the consequences of teenage women drinking in parties. This also raised awareness among young people regarding responsible and moderate drinking.

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Aside from the possibility of being scrutinized publicly, the teenager is also a possible victim of cyber-bullying. There is a big possibility for the girl to be identified due to her “selfies” that are being used by netizens as photo comment in posts relating to the issue.

Several occurrences have happened all these years and this has urged Bicol lawmaker to propose House Bil 5718 which is aimed to define and penalize the crime of cyber-bullying in the Philippine context. Proposed penalties include a monetary fine ranging from P50,000 to P100,000 and imprisonment of not less than six months to six years for those who will be found guilty of the crime.

As the days went by after the first post circulated over social media, other sides of the story emerged and proved that the image to be actually taken from Iloilo City’s wet and wild party last year and not in Bacolod City as the previous information stated.

By : K.F Emperado / 6/1/2015     
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