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In Photos :The Fall of Kumander Parago

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Davao City - Leoncio Pitao alias "Kumander Parago" may have eluded arrest several times but eventually the long arms of the law caught him up.

On Sunday 2:30 afternoon, Parago, the commander of the NPA’s Pulang Bagani Command (PBC 1) SMRC and one unidentified female rebel were killed in an encounter at Purok 9, Brgy PaƱalum, Paquibato District, Davao City. He was in mid 60's said local report.

The report said combined elements of 10th ID’s Task Force Minion formed several months ago to capture Parago caught up with the latter’s group, triggering a 20-minute firefight.  Parago’s group clashed with troops from the  6th Scout Ranger Company, 1003rd Brigade, 69IB and 10th MIB.

Recovered from the encounter site were two (2) M16 Rifles, three (3) backpacks and several rounds of Rifle grenades. The still unidentified slain female rebel is believed to be Parago’s medical aide.

Leoncio Pitao has several standing warrant of arrests for various crimes ranging from murder, multiple frustrated murder and robbery. He gained notoriety as an NPA Leader in Southern Mindanao since late 80’s.

The report added that with Parago’s death, the NPA in Southern Mindanao “is expected to be further plunged in a serious leadership crisis following the neutralization of other top NPA leaders early this year.

Parago played a key role in several releases of  soldiers held captive by the NPA. He was  head of the custodial force that carried out the safe and ordelry release of Brig. Gen. Victor Obillo and Capt. Eduardo Montealto in February 1999, Mindanews report said.

Sources : Mindanews / 5th Civil Relations Group
Photo sources: TV Patrol Souther Mindanao / 5th Civil Relations Group
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