Thursday, June 18, 2015

Pretty Singaporean Student Sells Used Underwear for Living

A pretty student from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore posted an ads on selling her used panties and lingerie for $49.

According to AllSingaporeStuff blog, although she did not reveal her face, she did take some  selfies with her pre-loved clothing and flawless body.

Expectedly, pettish men online were quick to catch her offer and even pretended meet her up personally to buy the item on fly.

The girl is only known in her account name as Xueping Joan , she posted:

"Clearing entire drawer.Mix of 9 undies, gstring, 2 bras and brand new fishnet stocking.Meet up only at the NTU bus stop beside hall 1. Day time meetup only.Postage is free.Price fixed."

In Japan, selling used girl panties is legit business in fact there's a panties vending machine in Tokyo to make men warm  Just drop 500 Yen and you can get a capsule containing a pair of Japanese lingerie according to Blunty's video.

Watch the panties vending machine in Japan video here:

Amazing right! But be careful guys think first of your health and hygiene before your pettish.
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