Sunday, June 28, 2015

Viral : Brave Momma Rabbit Fought off Black Snake to rescue Bunnies

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Don't choose a battle if you're not prepared for war.

A video of the epic battle between a black snake and rabbit has gone viral on YouTube over the week. As of this posting, it already earned 11-million pageviews and over 3k likes.

In the video, a protective mother rabbit fought off a big black snake as it was trying to devour its young - before engaging it in an epic tussle.

After realizing that, it has no match with the furious Rabbit, the reptiles retreat towards garden wall, but as it tries to climb higher it is pulled back by the mother rabbit who engages it in another frantic tussle.

The reptiles strikes back once again and it seems successfully bite the rabbit -thinking it won the fight but after  a moment of peace, the rabbit strikes the final blow, attacking the snake as it slithers into the grass.

It has been suggested that the clip was filmed in America or India, but its exact setting is not known, said DailyMailUk report.

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