Look : Man allegedly found 'RC Cola Mega 800' bottle with Glow Bracelet Inside!

Are cola bottles properly clean and inspected?

A man had to return the soft drink he bought from a nearby store in Brgy. GPS, Koronadal City after he found out an alleged glowing object on it, Bomboradyo posted on social media.

Looking at the photo, the said still unopened soda bottle has"Mega 800" label and apparently it has a glow in the "dark stick or bracelet" which can be noticed as shown.
The man who did not wish reveal his identity for privacy reason was thankful to notice the said object it before they could have open and consume it.

The Mega 800 is a product and  trademark of Royal Crown Cola Philippines.For balance reporting we've tried to contact and get the side of RC Cola of the said issue but no return yet.
Image credit : Bomboradyo