Thursday, July 16, 2015

"Poisonous Durian Candies' Found Contaminated of Bacteria says FDA, DOH

The durian and mangosteen-flavored candies that had caused massive food poisoning in almost 2000 students from the province of Surigao Sur and Surigao Norte was found contaminated with bacteria.

This was the results from the laboratory done by Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) and Department of Health (DoH) central office on the candy sample.

In a press conference , FDA acting director general Dr. Santiago said that the candies where bought by the children has staphylococcus, a form of bacteria that can be found on human armpit, skin, hair,groin, nose at throat.
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The said bacteria is 25% existing on healthy individuals and more common on people with skin, eye, nose and throat infection she added.

Santiago pointed that that bacteria most probably present on the raw materials or on the candy manufacturer due to mishandling and poor hygiene of the workers.

Meanwhile, the FDA will also conduct another test to confirm if there are traces of pesticides on the said candies.

As of this posting another report says that some 40 students from Quezon City were also poisoned after eating macapuno candy.

According to the victims who are now treated in the Quirino Memorial Medical Center, a vendor offered them free sample of macapuno candy that caused them to experience stomachache and vomiting.

Source : Bomboradyo / DOH
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