Saturday, August 22, 2015

Cherry Maning joined ABS-CBN Kapamilya Network in Davao City

After bidding farewell with GMA testigo in November 2014, the 27 year old charming news anchor now finally joined the force of Kapamilya Network in Davao City.

On July 28, she was invited as guest host of Kapamilya Mas Winner Ka ,a variety show currently dominates in ratings among local TV shows in Mindanao.

Cherry Maning recalled her first appearance in Kapamilya Winner Ka  as very challenging.

"I was really happy at the same time very nervous. It was a mix of emotions. I did not expect it at all. It's been quite a while since I was on cam and I had already been so comfortable being an entrepreneur.", Maning said.

Cherry Maning (Center) in ABS-CBNs Kapamilya Mas Winner Ka episode
"I had so many worries at that time."

"During the first taping everything was totally new to me, the environment, the people around me, the show, the kind of hosting I have to do, and the personality I have to project, etc. I have to make a very big adjustment. It was a big leap from news to entertainment. It was a struggle deep inside."

"I am a shy person and I can't dance. I am so terrified to show the world my moves. haha. Good thing I am not that bad in singing because they asked me for a sample."she added.

'Out of Comfort Zone'

In her blog post, Maning opened up that joining the variety show niche will help her grow and embrace changes.

Quoting from her previous blog post at Cherryfic Life:

"It's a big challenge for me to be in the entertainment industry from being a news anchor. It is hard to keep on shifting and changing roles. I started as a segment host, upgraded to light news, to heavy news then weather forecast, traffic updates, interviews with the most respected personalities in Davao and a lot more. I can say that I have so much love for my craft in newscasting. I am thankful for GMA of course, for all the love and respect. I thank GMA for the great opportunity they gave me. I enjoyed my journey with all of my Kapuso friends.", Maning said.

"But with my new chosen family, I have high hopes. With my new home, I now have new aspirations and dreams to fulfil. Hosting a variety/ game show on television was something I never thought was possible. But ABS-CBN trusted me that I can deliver and that means I should do my best.  I will do five more episodes of Kapamilya Mas Winner Ka. I am super thankful. Let's just see what will happen to me in ABS-CBN.", she added.

In her Instagram post, Maning posted to thank the Kapamilya network for welcoming her:

"Thank You Kapamilya for the warm welcome. Thanks for the trust. Salamat. Ramdam na gyud nako ang pagiging kapamilya," she posted.

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Image credit: Cherrific Life. / Cherry Maning
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