Saturday, August 08, 2015

Gruesome Road Accident in Canduman Cebu Goes Viral

To die instantly is not an exciting scene,slowdown and always obey traffic rules .

One motorist was killed and seven others injured in a vehicular accident Canduman, Mandaue Cebu,yesterday morning, August 7, Sunstar Cebu told.

According to the report, the fatality was identified as Manolito Subang who was driving his motorcycle when the brakes of a wing van reportedly malfunctioned and collided with other vehicles around 9 a.m.

The pile-up involved four motorcyles (including the one Subang was driving), two taxi cabs, a sports utility vehicle, a passenger jeepney and a mini dump truck had caused a heavy traffic in the area, the report added.

The photos of the gruesome accident becomes viral in social media after it was posted by individuals online.

Traffic accidents kill at least a thousand people in the Philippines due to bad roads, poorly-maintained vehicles and speeding drivers, according to police.

Source : Sunstar Cebu
Photo credits  to the real owner..
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