Saturday, August 22, 2015

Massive Fish Kills Near Tianjin Blast Site Shocked Netizens

Did leakage of toxic chemicals causes massive fish kills in Tianjin, China?

On Friday, couple of photos was shared on facebook by China's CCTV  News showing enormous dead fish were discovered by locals in a river just six km away from the site of the deadly warehouse explosion that took place in Tianjin killing over 100 people and injured hundreds.
The incident had caused alarm throughout the city, raising concerns that the leakage of toxic chemicals, including sodium cyanide, which was stored in the warehouse, may have contaminated the water, CCTV news added.

Deng Xiaowen, head of environment monitoring of Tianjin environmental protection authority, said the water areas where the dead fish appeared are under regular monitoring. A few hours later, researchers said no toxic levels of cyanide were found in water samples.
Collage photos courtesy of CCTV News
Deng said the phenomenon was not the first to be seen in the city, citing past example of mass die-offs of fish due to lack of oxygen, told CCTV News.

Chinese authorities placed rabbits, chickens and pigeons near the scene of last week's massive explosions at a warehouse in the port city of Tianjin, in an apparent attempt to calm fears about toxic chemicals in the air and water, told Reuters UK.

The birds and animals, held in small, brightly coloured cages, survived spending two hours at the site of the blasts, local media reported.

Source : CCTV News / Reuters UK
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