Thursday, August 06, 2015

Negros Occidental : Grandson stabs grandma to death and eats the heart

A gruesome report breaks the headline today when a 19-year old man killed his own grandmother ripped the heart out and eats it in their residence at a hinterland village in Kabankalan City on Tuesday, August 4, Rappler report said.

The victim is identified by her name as Olivia Jalaman, 85, of Purok Kabukiran, Barangay Tapi while the suspect is her own grandson named Robin Jalaman, an out-of-school youth.

Based on the police report, the killing happened at around 2 am, and was discovered by neighbors at around 6 am.

Image courtesy of Bombo Radyo Koronadal

Superintendent Herman Garbosa, the police chief said the victim was found with her left chest cut open, while neighbors found the suspect still sleeping in their house after the incident.

Garbosa said that the suspect admitted to the killing: “Trip niya lang [daw] patayin ang lola niya at kainin ang puso nito.” (He said he killed his grandmother and ate her heart because he felt like doing it.)

According to Supt. Garbosa the suspect,the suspect will undergo a psychiatric examination, though he showed no signs of mental illness when he was apprehended. “He answered questions like a normal person would,” he said, qouted from Rappler's report.

The suspect will be subjected to a drug test, too, the police chief added.

The suspect is now detained at the Kabankalan City Police Office, pending the charges to be filed against him.

Sources : Rappler / Bombo Radyo
Image Credit : Bombo Radyo Koronadal

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