Rob and Slay Victim get Justice before Sunrise in Davao City #SwiftJustice

“If you are doing an illegal activity in my city, if you are a criminal or part of a syndicate that preys on the innocent people of the city, for as long as I am the mayor, you are a legitimate target of assassination." This was a deadly reminder of Mayor Duterte given to criminals however, few days before the formal Kadayawan celebration the devils strikes.

According to Dabaw Breaking News, Pareño, driver of Xanna Issa Taxi, was robbed and killed on Monday night, August 10, an incident which was immediately reported by the police to Duterte.

The report added that after having informed of leads in investigation, the father of the city was visibly angry and promised Davao City residents and the family of Pareño that justice will be served before sunrise Friday.

“It will be over before sunrise. Justice will be done,” said the visibly upset City Mayor who has identified himself closely with the taxi drivers of his city owning a taxi unit himself which he drives personally incognito, told Dabaw Breaking News report.

Rey Anthony Caroro,  Roberry Suspect
The same day, Duterte ordered close manhunt operation for the two suspects but yet another taxi driver was reported to policemen that he had just been robbed by two men along Tulip Dive in Juna Subdivision.

A police roving team led by one SPO4 Didal immediately responded and caught up one of the suspects identified as Rey Anthony Cayud-ong Caroro, who was shot and killed on the spot. His unnamed companion fled.

Caroro and his unnamed companion were identified as the same persons involved in the killing of taxi driver Rommel S. Pareño, 35, in a rare incident of robbery and homicide involving a cab driver.

Recovered from him were a caliber .357 revolver containing three live ammos and one fired cartridge case, four sachets of suspected shabu, one folded knife, P900 cash, and a Philhealth membership card in the name of Rey Anthony Cayud-ong Caroro, said DBN.

Sources: Dabaw Breaking News / Manny Piñol
Photo taken from VM Paolo Duterte fb page