Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Senator Trillanes Statement on Consultany Service Issue

On Monday, August 24, VP Binay’s camp requested the Senate ethics committee to investigate Senator Antonio Trillanes IV for allegedly using millions worth of public funds a month to pay his household employees and donors who financed his senatorial campaign, said Rappler report
The same day, Senator Trillanes issued a public statement on his social media page to counter the allegations of critics.

Below the full text of his message:

I categorically deny that I am using Senate funds for my household and personal expenses.

The names mentioned in a newspaper article published today are legitimate consultants. Some were employed as confidential agents in relation to the ongoing Senate investigation regarding Binay anomalies; while others are doing field research, staff work, and other auxiliary services assigned to them.

This consultancy issue was already cleared by the Commission on Audit, and up to this day, it has not issued any notice of disallowance regarding the same. In fact, the Senate has already met with COA, and it was concluded that there is nothing illegal with the Senators' consultancy services expenses.

I believe that this trivial issue is basically just a hatchet job to tarnish my anti-corruption efforts. I have been imprisoned for more than 7 years fighting for this advocacy and I'm not about to stop now.

Just the same, be assured that not a single centavo of the funds entrusted to my office was pocketed.

Meanwhile Netizens express their support to Trillanes and encourages him to keep doing his job.

Jess Olleres posted: “Just do your job in cleaning the government of corrupt officials, like the Binays! They could not find any credible and illegal issues against you that is why they resort to petty and irrelevant matters just to divert the public attention from them. Only fools will believe them!”

Mac Corpuz: “Thank you for clearing up the issue and categorically assuring us. Thank you Sen. Trillanes...Tapusin mo sng iyong sinimulan pra pniwalaan ka ng taong bayan, jail binay clan"keep it up Sen.Trillanes"

Carmelo Jaro: “you've done a great job idol... no wonder some of your critics are those who had evil doings and to malign your good intention on serving our beloved country without fear or favor.”

Sources: | Rappler
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