Viral : Man Transports Human Corpses for Living in Mount Diwalwal

It is undeniable that there are people who turned to odd jobs to earn a living. However, have you heard of a human corpse transporter?

Meet “Satanas” or Satan of the Philippines. He is a habal-habal driver from Compostela Valley, Davao del Sur. A habal-habal is a motorcycle, usually installed with wooden wings to carry more passengers.  It is a mode of transportation here in the Philippines especially in the remote areas of the country such as the mountains of Davao Region. Aside from carrying people, it is also use to transport goods from or to the mountains. By being a driver, he can earn ₱200.00 from each of his passengers. On top of that are the payments for the goods that he transports. However, for him, there is more than just that. He said, it is his calling to help the people in the mountains by taking their dead ones down to the center of their remote town, Monkayo.  Not minding the smell and the presence of the dead on his back as he rides his motorcycle, he is doing this job since 1996. Thus, he is named by Netizens as “Satanas”.

The man’s job is never easy. He is risking his life. There has been unsettlement in Mt. Diwalwal due to the presence of the National People’s Army (NPA) and the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP). Thus, encounters are unavoidable and the presence of dead bodies is just a common phenomenon in the area. Moreover, the road to the mountain is slippery and steep. Regardless though, this Satanas still finds pleasure from this risks. He said that as long as he has his Kawasaki KMX, he can never get hit by the bullets from the NPA and the AFP or be bothered by the slippery and steeply road to the mountain.

₱2,500 is his payment for transporting a corpse. This is a great sum however, what if he will get caught by the AFP? Surely, he will get into trouble. According to him, he usually transports dead bodies of alleged NPAs. There are a lot of military checkpoints everywhere in the area. He is fully aware of it and he knows what might happen to him if the military caught him carrying a body of an alleged rebel.

The wife of the man said that she tried asking her husband to stop. However, what can you do to stop a man driven by his passion? Satanas said that he does not know if what he is doing is illegal or not, but he knows one thing which is not legal, and that is to take someone’s life. That’s why, even though it is risky, he keeps doing his job to help his people because others do not have the courage to do the same thing.

The video which was first uploaded on WildFm Valencia facebook page now already had 50,000 pageviews and 2,000 shares. It has been suggested that driver on the trending video his name is Jun Tabas. A copy of it was also uploaded on our Youtube channel for education purpose.

As shown in the video he took the body of an alleged rebel from the mountains, dressed it like one of the living, put his own shades on the dead man, escaped from the interrogating men in uniform and successfully handed the corpse to the bereaved family.

Contributed by : R.K Amaga