Friday, October 16, 2015

Real Testament of Love: Pinay Woman Marries Dead Fiancée

“Till death do we part”, this is the usual vow of a couple who soon will be pronounced as husband and wife. A person’s love sometimes is very strong that it surpasses the greatest trials they can think of. When love is at its greatest people tend to do whatever it takes just to prove to their loved ones how true their love is. One peculiar act of true love was shown by a woman towards the man she loves.  Tel Madrona Talusan, lost her fiancée Rumpel Talusan in an untimely death.

In her post on Thursday, September 24, 2015, which started with a line from a love song “Minsa lang kitang iibigin”, a popular OPM, she expressed how much she loves Rumpel and how the whole situation made her extremely sad. But despite the untimely death of Rumpel, Tel still pursued on marrying him, and proved to everyone that death will not be a hindrance for her to marry him. “Mahal ko, hindi man to tulad ng kasal sa loob ng simbahan, wala mang papel bilang patunay ng kasunduan, alam ko na sa mata ng diyos ako at ikaw ay iisa bilang mag-asawa, [My love, even though we were not married in the church, even though we don’t have a piece of paper that proves our marriage, I know that in the eyes of God, you and I are husband and wife,]” said Tel.

"Mahal pangako sa iyo, hindi magbabago ikaw lang ang iibigin ko, kahit ikaw ay lumayo at masaktan ako asahan na di...
Posted by Tel Madrona Talusan on Thursday, September 24, 2015

For Tel, even if they were not able to marry in the church or they may not be granted with papers as proof of their marriage and vows, her love for her fiancée is enough testimony of how much she loves him. She said that she does not care about what other people think of her. Tel promised that she will never love anyone the way she loved him and that she will love their offspring more.

Tel Madrona and Rumpel Talusan throwback photo
The Netizens had different reactions on what Tel did. Some thought it was weird, but many thought it was brave and it was an act of true love. Many Netizens extended their condolences.

Others said that although it was an act of true love, she should give herself a chance to love again, because his fiancée may feel sad when she grows old alone.

Sources: The Daily Pedia | CrackerDaily
Image credit : Tel Madrona
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