MagmaNews blog records more than 2 million readers

Davao City - the online social news today has recorded more than 2 million of vieweds 14 months after it was it entered the cyberspace.

At 9:00AM today, November 29, Sunday 2015, has already reached 2,012,712 hits.

Neb Gawker (his pseudonym),the founder and sole admin of remarks the new achievement as huge success in propagating up to date news and viral issues online.

"We continue our passion and commitment to be the reliable source of news and information in the heart of Mindanao and anywhere in the Philippines by providing daily news, events and real time exam results and fast facts for the netizens. Our success is not possible without your support and the dedication of our contributors. You made us more inspired." the 29-year old blogger said.

MagmaNews has an average daily readers of 5,000 to 10,000, the highest recorded hits was 54,074 on July 13, 2015.

Meanwhile. MagmaNews facebook page : now has 7,000 followers and good number of readerships.

MagmaNews contents offers news about Politics, Sports, Entertainment, Defense and Useful Tips - one of the most read category of all time.Also it provides timely updates  on nationwide exam schedules, results and holiday  off.