Monday, November 02, 2015

Man ran Amok, Hacked Two after his Photo was posted on FB

Think before you post or you’ll get hack!

A 27-year old man in South Cotabato ran amok and attacked his neighbors in Purok Masagana, Barangay Reyes, Banga, South Cotabato on Sunday night after his photo appeared on Facebook.

Richie Maceda Absalon, a resident of  Barangay Masagana hacked two persons, including a police officer who tried to pacify him, NDBC report said.

Photo screengrab from Youtube - GMA News
The report noted that Absalon, armed with a "lagaraw" (bolo) was so mad he barged into the house of his friend Leonardo Jaspe, and demanded an explanation why his photo was posted on FB.  It was not clear what irked Absalon and what the photo was all about, told the Police.

Police tried to pacify him but he resisted and hacked one of the police officer, forcing lawmen to shoot him down, he died on the spot.

Police said Absalon was a known drug dependent in their area, told GMA News.

Sources: NDBC News | GMA
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