Duterte Reveals What His First Day Order As President Would Be

Davao City, Philippines -  Mayor Rodrigo Duterte vows to stop crime and corruption from the very start of day of his term if he gets elected as president.

In his Gikan sa Masa para sa Masa television program aired on Sunday, December 20, 2015, Duterte said," If I become President, I will stop crime and corruption."

"I will take my oath NOT in Luneta but in my office at Malacañang to avoid traffic congestion. No lavish dinners, invited guests will have to eat first, only soft drinks and water will be served", he said.

"My first order of the day is for the police to hunt down all crime and drug syndicates. I will double their salaries in the 1st and 3rd quarter of the year. For policemen who die in the line of duty, I will continue their salaries for 3 to 5 years", he added.

Furthermore he said that to counter terrorism, he will add two(2) divisions each for the Army and PNP.  But No "palakasan" or favoritism. All promotions must be on the merits

He also vowed to end the contractualization in employment.

" No contractualization. I don't care if businessmen will be afraid and mad at me. I am here to serve my countrymen, not their business interests. After 1 year, the laborer should be permanent.", Duterte explained.

To avoid casualty during Christmas and New year, He said that he would impose the landmark ordinances of Davao City to nationwide effects banning the use of firecrackers, guns and liqours in celebrations.

" I will adopt a Zero Casualty during Christmas and New Year. There will be firecracker, gun and liquor ban nationwide", the tough-talking Mayor said.

What do you think, are these policies make sense to us Filipinos?