Duterte to Trillaners on"Sudan/Somalia remarks": Why not run for President if you have better solutions?[Video]

Presidential aspirants Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte hits back on Trillanes after the Solon made a remark saying that the Duterte would turned the Philippines into a Somalia or Sudan where anybody can be killed easily.

According to Manila Bulleting, the former Navy officer who chairs the Senate national defense committee said he would be the first one to stand up to Duterte’s excesses as commander-in-chief.

“And I will give him the benefit of the doubt that he is telling the truth and he is not fooling everyone. So if he says he’s a killer then I believe he is a killer,” he told Senate reporters.

“Now, will we allow a killer to be president of the country? It’s in the hands of the Filipino people but regardless all these and all the assumption that he becomes President I will not allow him to trample upon the human rights of the Filipino people. If he starts to oppress the Filipino people, expect me to the first who will stand up to any,’’ he added.

In response the tough-talking Mayor then ask the Senator why he did not run for president if he’s so sure he has the solutions to the country’s problems, told Kickerdaily.

“If he can handle it, why didn’t he run for it when he had the chance, if he’s so sure he has a better plan for the Philippines?” Duterte said.

The mayor added he didn’t mind turning the Philippines into another Sudan or Somalia as long as the country had been cleansed of criminals and corrupt government officials.

“We should pray for that,” he told the Philippine Star. “I have no problem with Trillanes, if that’s the way how he designs his mind, so be it. Just like Somalia, so be it.

Speaking to ABS-CBN News, Duterte insisted that Trillanes has no right to hurl criticisms against him, especially after he asked to become the mayor's running mate.

"Tama ka na, isa ka pa. Ambisyoso ka lang. Ikaw ang nauna ha, hindi ako. Siya ang unang nakipag-usap sa akin kung tatakbo akong presidente, tatakbo raw siya na vice [president]," Duterte said.

The interview clip can viewed here

Sources : KickerDaily / ABS-CBN / MB