Scholarships for College Teachers Grads #PCARI

The Philippine-California Advanced Research Institutes (PCARI) Project is a capacity building/technology-generating collaborative initiative designed to upgrade to global standards the research, development and innovation capabilities and competencies of the faculty, students and staff of Philippine higher education institutions (HEIs).

They are currently conducting a nationwide information road show which aims to invite students, faculty and staff to apply for scholarship in the United States. According to Kristine Peralta project technical communication staff of PCARI, there are at least 200 available scholarship slots for qualified applicants. Scholars may opt to study at the University of California or in the program's accredited schools in the Philippines.

“We really wanted to go out and tell everyone about this because we want everyone to have an opportunity”said Peralta.

Peralta also stated that for now they only have two major focus areas: one is health, anything health –related including relevant sciences like biology, chemistry, and engineering as well. Although they are also accepting applicants availing scholarships for agriculture related studies, but their research proposals must be related to either health or engineering.

According to Peralta, the main reason why they are focusing on health and engineering related disciplines is because PCARI is aiming to provide solutions to various Philippine societal problems in health and device innovation and to address the country’s need for sustainable and world-class infrastructure as well.

With regards to health research, PCARI is currently working on dengue, malaria, tuberculosis and other diseases.In engineering area, they are addressing concerns on cyber security, online education and governance.

Currently, there are three (3) Filipino scholars who are studying at the University of California after successfully passing the requirements.

Along with the scholarship, there are various benefits that await the scholars, including free tuition and other school fees, transportation allowance, living allowance or stipend, dissemination or conference attendance grant, book allowance, travel or medical insurance, application and other fees, thesis, dissertation, special project grant startup or research grant for engineering degree programs.
Scholars are also given a chance to undergo three to six months of training in any of the UC campuses regardless if they are taking post graduate studies in the PCARI accredited schools in the Philippines or abroad.

PCARI accredited schools in the Philippines are the following, University of the Philippines Campuses in Manila and in Diliman, Quezon City and the Ateneo De Manila University as well.
Requirements and qualification for the scholarships are, the applicant should be a Filipino citizen, they should not be more than 45 years old, the degree sought should be in relevant disciplines and a research proposal aligned with PCARI priority areas.

One of the good things about the scholarship is not deadline was set for the application of the scholarship. Those who are interested you may visit the official BlogSpot of PCARI, or you may send an e-mail to