Nevada Woman is Selling her Virginity for $400,000 to fund Law Study

Meet the woman who is selling her virginity. Katherine Stone, 20 years old is currently living in a Nevada brothel to help the family.

 After a blaze ruined her family’s home in Seattle, Washington and there was no insurance, they were forced to live in the scorched place.

 In her interview with CNN, she said that she saw an ad in a Facebook advertisement about the brothels and the money. According to her, it made her think, “Wow, it’s a chance at fixing all that I need to fix” Stole said.       Aside from wanting to help her family, Stone also wanted to become a lawyer.

Katherine reached out to Dennis Hof, owner of the brothel – he owns the Moonlite Bunny Ranch, among others. He agreed to the deal with understanding that he will take half of the bid.
Stone’s decision has been controversial, according to her, she read an article online and it was about her which made her cry. “It was a Christian lady; she said I had no self-respect, which I disagree with completely” she said.

 “People say you are supposed to do it for love,” she said. “But if you think about it, I am doing it because I love my family” she added.
In an interview, Hof said “It is her choice. I don’t think it is a good idea for a girl to drink six tequilas and lose her virginity on the bathroom floor in a frat house, if she wants to sell it, I think that’s great.”

The bid had already reached to more than $ 400,000, according to the report. According to her, she is still waiting for a man who she feels a connection with. She wants it to be special for both of them. “It’s really not just about the money”. Stone stated. 

Contributor : R. Corpuz
Sources: KZTV10 | WashingtonPost