AFP needs additional 10,000 troops to man new equipment and platforms

As announced by the Army Recruitment Office, the Armed Forces of the Philippines is eyeing to recruit 10,000 soldiers to address both internal and external security threats.

This was stressed by AFP public affairs office chief Col. Edgard Arevalo on what triggered the military to request an additional 10,000 soldiers from President Rodrigo Duterte Tuesday.

Arevalo clarified that the additional 10,000 troops have been long requested by the AFP but was only granted by the incumbent Chief Executive.

At present, the AFP numbers around 125,000 troops with an 85,000 allocated to the Army and remaining 45,000 split between the Air Force and Navy.There are also over 100,000 reservists.

Out of the 10,000 additional troops, 8,000 will be allocated to the Army while the remaining 2,000 will be divided evenly between the Air Force and Navy.

Arevalo also cited emerging threat groups that the AFP must address, referring to the Maute group, Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters, Abu Sayyaf and  Kilafah Islamiyah Philippines
Besides this, new soldiers are needed to man the brand-new equipment and platforms now being acquired by the AFP.

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Sources: PNA / PIA
Image : Army Troops /  HukbongKatihan Twitter