Netizens Bashes Security Guard for Riding Expensive Parked Motorcycle at SM

A mall security guard has been a subject of criticisms over the weekend  after his photo was posted  on social media.

According to the post published at Cebu Flash Report by an anonymous Sender, he was seriously annoyed of the security guard he named "Mr. POMINGAN" because of the lack of discipline of the said personnel allegedly.

The Sender pointed out that security guards should not touch customer’s properties especially expensive motorcycles like Harley Davidson parked at the SM parking area.

He added that security guards duty is to guard the vehicles not ride or touch them without the owner consent.

The post had already earned mix reactions from the followers of the page and many agreed on the sender sentiment:

Jon Dave Lepatan : Kung imong uyab suwayan ug sakay sa lain mo sugot ka? Hahaha biker knows! Kung wa mo kasabot ani nga line ayaw nlng mog comment ha! ONLYBIKER KNOWS!

Grace Ng T : The sender is right. It is not the guard's property. He has no right to do that. Lets make another example. Guard sa balay. If wala ang owner. Ok ra mag higda2x xa sa bed kay tungud wala ang owner? Or take a shower sa ila cr? If its not yours. Ayaw panghilabot!

However, some understanding netizens also defended the security guard:

Miriam Cabase Winslow: Kong akoy tag iya sa motor, unya mahibaw-an or maabtan nako nga in-ani, akong papatongon si guard unya ako picturan and tell him to smile and sa cheese... dili tanan maka afford ana kong ang pag patong patong ug picturan ikalipay, why not make him smile. I remember long time ago, I went to a car show unya naay 1950's nga Porsche convertible gi restored unya pwerteng totok ug lili nako sa car kay kutob ra ko sa tan-aw unya ang owner nikalit ug duol abi nako kasab-an ko, she asked me if I want to get in and take a picture? Shocked kaayo ko or should I say surprised!

Alejandra Hinoguin Montecalvo: dili mana malanay sender oi ka oa,sad nimo oi dili mana madala ug mabaklag ka ug ni idol lng d i xa anang motora maski dili xa mka palit ana mka sakay or mka lingkod lng xa kana ra nga tym.
Does the guard deserves to be treated with online bashing or let's just be thankful for his extra effort for guarding the expensive vehicle against theft?