AFPSAT Results for November 7-16 Butuan & Awang Maguindanao - AROMIN

The Army Recruitment Office of Mindanao or AROMIN has released the results of the Armed Forces of the Philippines Aptitude (AFPSAT) conducted from November 7 to 16 which was administered by the Philippine Army at CSU Butuan City and H6ID Awang Maguindanao.

The announcement of results were posted by AROMIN through their website :

Below are the results of the AFPST by date and venue:

November 7- 9 | CSU Butuan AFPSAT Results
November 13-16 | H61D, PA, Camp Siongco, Awang , Maguindanao AFPSAT Results

Congrats to all passers! You're one step closer to your dreams as aspirant soldier of the republic!