Common Interests: Why It is Important to Do Something Together

Love is a rather strange thing. It knows how to do amazing things with human life. It has many tools: illusions, psychological pressure, rewards, cruel punishments. All this exists in order to scoff at inexperienced people.

Here's how it works.

At first it seems to you that you found a soul mate. You talk on the phone for hours. You watch the same series, love the same movies and reread the same books. On a wave of euphoria, you decide to live together and indulge in all of this pleasant things 24/7. But after the first begin passes, the truth is revealed. Your fascination with the classical Greek tragedy was slightly exaggerated. It seemed to your girlfriend that she had read the entire collection of Leo Tolstoy's works, but in fact she has read an abbreviated version of his most famous novel. It's love that has done to you all this thing to mock and laugh at the look of your confusion.

But you can outwit her. You just need to find out what kind of joint interests you really have and how this can be used to strengthen your relations. So, let's begin.

How to Find Out Your Joint Interests (guide from meetwife)

Do you need to have common interests in a relationship? Yes, of course. But first, stop lying to yourself. Tell yourself honestly: "Buddy, you are not interested in German philosophy. In fact, you are interested in science fiction and everything related to it. " Ask your partner to do the same. Do not be shy to appear a nerd or "the usual everyday normal girl like everyone else." You have already passed this period. You are already together. You can open all the trumps.

Then just start discussing these interests with your partner. Tell him or her why you have such a hobby, what attracts you in it and why you think it's cool. Let the partner tell the same about his or her interests. Just talk. Believe me, it will be fun. At the end you will find out ,should dates have common interests or not by yourself.

A sincere story about things that a person really likes, can entice anyone. Or you or your partner will have a desire to learn more about the hobby or interests of a loved one. This will be the beginning of a good tradition to spend leisure together. Soon you will have many things to do together as a couple.

Joint Cooking of Food As a Universal Way to Merge With Your Partner

There are many different relationship things to do together, but I advice you to start with cooking food. Even cooking a breakfast, lunch or dinner together has a beneficial effect on the relationship in pairs! It is checked up on my own experience And I can say with absolute certainty that the joint cooking of food is one of the secrets of a happy family life. During such cooking you can discuss different news, passed day or plans for the upcoming day, or you can just be silent, everyone  immersed in it’s own inner world, but most importantly - what delicious dishes you will get in the end!

The secret is that the joint preparation of food has a sacred meaning and a powerful therapeutic effect for the psyche. You go together to the same goal - a delicious dinner. Each of you has the means to achieve this goal. You unite them together, complement each other and gain new experience. You feel a spiritual unity, very natural and strong.

During the joint cooking, you can discuss any topics, even those that your partner reacts negatively in normal circumstances. Praise each other, give recommendations, think out how to improve the recipe. If none of you have anything against alcohol, a glass of good wine will enhance the wonderful creative atmosphere.

Joint cooking allows you to feel that only such an active leisure in a pleasant atmosphere can strengthen your spiritual and romantic connection. And then you will have a new hobby - searching of romantic things to do together.

Photo credit : Couple together | Unsplash @ Crew