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Rey "Boom-Boom" Bautista Lost His Title to "Ramirez" via Split Decision

 After 12-rounds of bloody action-packed brawl against the  Mexican challenger, Jose" Negro" Ramirez, the pride of Bohol, Rey" Boom-Boom" Bautista lost his WBO Featherweight title via split decision in  their face off at Pinoy Pride 19- Mexican Invasion held in Davao City-USEP Gymnasium last April 20.

 Boom-Boom failed  in setting the fight to avenge his former lost to Ponce De Leon last 2006, as Ramirez was really prepared to throw out more ferocious jabs making the Judges scores 114-111 twice in favor of to the Mexican.

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 In the first round, Boom-Boom seems less aggressive and careful of his punches but Ramirez started to assault him with powerful right hand combinations, and before the 2:00 mins of the fight Boom-Boom got knock-down almost twice, bouncing off in ring rope but the referee only called 1 officially KO.

2nd and 3rd round, Ramirez continue fighting fiercely while Boom-Boom obviously get hurt though he throw-out some combos and counters but its not enough strong to hurt the Challenger.

Round 4, Boom-Boom comes back good but Ramirez fire more body shots.

Round 5, The ring becomes so slippy,  that Ramirez  and Boom-Boom was down but not a knock out.

Round 6, Ramirez becomes wild running around and started to brawl.Boom-Boom fires some several left jabs and complaining head-butts bloods from Ramirez.

Round 7, Boom-Boom started complaining  about Ramirez brawling techniques but at  Tale end of the round Boom connects several punch.

Round 8,  Boom-Boom comes back with a good punches, throwing his left-right combinations hurting much Ramirez, almost knock down but Boom was unable to connect for a finish.

 Round 9, Boom connects again with his left hand to Ramirez but seems so fatigue already.

Round 10, Boom suffered  bloody cuts near in his left ear from Ramirez elbow, seems hurting him much and impairing his control.

Round 11, Ramirez totally dominated this round as Boom-Boom has no other way to save the clock but to hold him.

Round 12(the last round), Boom-Boom was badly need to at least knock out Ramirez, paving a chance to win the fight but his groggy already and Ramirez did not stop throwing punches.At the ending the crowd was booeeng Boom-Boom for keep on holding Ramirez.

The victory favors Ramirez and now the 26-year-old Bautista, of Bohol, Philippines, falls to 34-3 (25 knockouts), ending an eight-fight winning streak that followed his upset loss to Heriberto Ruiz in 2008.

Ramirez, 25, now stands at 25-3 (15 KOs) following the victory, which is his third straight. Two of Ramirez's defeats were split-decisions to fighters with records of .500 winning percentage or less.

Fortunately, the two pinoy under cards manage to bring home the beacon. The flyweight contender, Rocky Fuentes  of Cebu City, Philippines won a non-title fight via unanimous decision over Juan Kantun of Merida, Mexico.Also, junior bantamweight prospect Arthur Villanueva , of Bacolod City, Philippines, won a  big unanimous decision over Marco Demecillo of Iligan City, Philippines, by the scores of 118-109 and 119-108 twice

 The fight was aired at ABS-CBN last April 21, 10AM and a replay broadcast will beat Studio 23, around 4PM.

With  Boom-Boom's defeats, the boxing crowd  now asking if this ending era of Filipino Boxers to fame as other popular champions like Pacquiao, Donaire and Viloria also lost their fight recently.