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Tips: Opening a Payroll ATM card in BPI Bank

Most of the companies nowadays adopt the ease of paying their employees salary thru  ATM  by opening a company account in certain bank thus, every new employee are required to open their individual ATM under the company account or the  HR will do the processing.


BPI Payroll ATM

1. Before going to BPI bank, bring a copy of endorsement letter from your employer authorizing you to open an ATM under the company account.

2. Prepare and bring the following:

-Government IDs-SSS/GSIS/Police Clearance
-Take note with your TIN ID # & also with your government IDs
-Take note with your company name and complete address
-Prepare at least 100 pesos(some BPI BPI bank branches requires an initial deposit for your card but in my case its free)

3. Present the endorsement in the BPI bank

4. Fill-up the form given to you by the staff (Ask questions if you’re uncertain on the fields)

5. Wait while the BPI staff encodes your application in their database

6. The BPI staff will take ID picture-Be sure to smile.

7. The BPI staff will inform you when you will get your ATM card. Usually it takes 1 week.

8. You’re done. Say even thanks to them before leaving.