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Viral: Anna Gusmos, A Blind Woman of Pasig Sangs Like Karen Carpenters

Another Filipina now sparks on Youtube.She's Anna Terrefiel Gusmos, a blind woman of Pasig City who can sang amazingly like Karen Carpenter classic, You.

In the video, she sings while her baby sits on her lap. She sings to live music by a band composed of his husband, Reynante who plays the guitar, and Jericho Baying on keyboard.

They used to sing inside the Pasig City Public Market on Friday to Sunday, 9am to 5pm.

Besides Carpenter's "You" hits, Anna also sangs "Love Me for What I am" and other Tagalog songs.

Youtube viewers wishes this talented woman will get featured on Ellen Degeneres show where it could help her become a star or at least get more opportunity for a living.