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Duterte: Don't Talk About You Mission

DAVAO MAYOR SAID; City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte told on Thursday the second batch of 41-man search and rescue team sent off to Tacloban City to refrain from talking to anybody about their mission. Like what he told the first batch, the city mayor also advised the second team to take extra care. "This is a journey which is brought with many danger. The odds are exponential," he said. He reiterated his stand against anyone who will attempt to loot the medical supplies brought by the city -- "shoot looters' feet". "I will not allow my contingent to be looted by anybody," he said.

He said the only way to solve "anarchy" is to "implement law and order." The city mayor then asked volunteers not to grant media interviews especially on his decision to send help in the area. "Just an admonition nga pag abot ninyo didto ayaw mog hatag ug statement miski kanino, sabihin niyo lang na 'we are here to work' para di tayo mapulitika. Pag binangit yung pangalan ko, sabihin niyo 'we cannot answer that question. Basta kami dito galing Davao City para mag trabaho,'" Duterte said, speaking to the volunteers at the Almendras Gym Thursday afternoon. "Kahit ako, I do not respond to national (media), nakokornihan ako. Ayokong magpa-hero hero," he said, "Tabang ta kay luoy sila didto (Let's help them)," he said.

 Duterte said the second team will stay in Tacloban City for "72 hours plus one day." Duterte also reiterated the importance of bringing services to Tacloban City. "The food is coming in but the misery multiplies everyday," he said. Although help from international agencies has been pouring in, Duterte said "only the Filipino can help the Filipino at the end of the day."

Source: Sunstar.com.ph