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Is Typhoon Haiyan ( Bagyong Yolanda) Man-made Disaster?

November 8, 2013, the  worlds strongest storm in recorded history, Typhoon Haiyan (also named Yolanda), with sustained winds reaching 195mph and  600-kilometer wide typhoon smashed across provinces in the Visayas region. The provinces of Leyte and Samar were among the hardest hit with still many more towns and cities without power and communication lines as well as relief supplies.Leaving the region like a vast wasteland with thousands feared dead and millions have been displaced.
Microwave beam transform into storm

Dutchsinse: Yolanda is a man made Disaster..

Though meteorologist believed that the Super typhoon Yolanda scale was a result of changing weather pattern” due to climate change, a theorist named Dutchsinse, goes viral this week in Youtube after posting a video claiming the massive storm(Haiyan /Yolanda and Zoraida as well ) was born out of a microwave anomaly in the West Pacific and concluding the whole disaster was a conspiracy.

He even cited suspicious facts about HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) is a little-known, yet critically important U.S. military defense project founded by Dr. Bernard Eastlund in 1987, which has generated quite a bit of controversy over its alleged weather control capabilities.

Dutchsinse added that such radar and weather control devices is also responsible  for massive earthquakes in Japan and Haiti, and in the Indonesian tsunami and Hurricane Katrina.

Debunked by Scientist

In ABS-CBN report, the University of the Philippines scientist and professor Dr. Mahar Lagmay , who is also the executive director of Project Noah, stressed that the man behind the video, who only identified himself as Dutchsinse, failed to prove his hypothesis that “Yolanda” was caused by a technology that emits microwave pulses.

He added that  as of this time there’s no very solid demonstration of its (microwave pulse) relation with how it generates cyclones, how this makes the water evaporate and accumulate in a particular area. It’s simply not well-documented.

“From the images he was showing, it would appear that the typhoon was already developed when he was showing the microwave pulses that were being transmitted. And the second thing that I noticed was that he was also relating the microwave pulses with the occurrence of earthquakes, and what we know about earthquakes is that they form because of the accumulation of energy due to earth movements," Lagmay pointed out.

“And through time, this energy is accumulated along faults and it does not at all relate to any type of microwave he was referring to,” he added. “And, in that sense, I would think that that person who keeps on stating or mentioning the word Stanford to boost his credibility, I think is just pulling a trick on us.”

Lagmay, however, did not deny that there were previous studies on a similar topic, which he referred to as “climate engineering" but didn't particularly mention HAARP or any destructive radar facilities.