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Mysterious Flesh-Eating illness in Pangasinan Linked to " Black Death Prophecy" of Sadhu?

In  April 2013 at Cuneta Astrodome for the 24th National Prayer gathering , a known Indian prophet named Sadhu claimed that a grievous disease will spread all over the world, will consume the flesh of men and will pierce through the bones. He called it "Black Death" and said the illness will begin from Pangasinan, Philippines.

Watch the Bandila video featured the mysterious flesh eating disease

The Lord says there is a place called PANGASINAN. The Lord says it is in the northernmost part in your land. From there a grievous disease will spread all over the world. That will consume the flesh of men; all their upper (outer) skin will begin to decay. It will pierce through the bones. The fear of this disease will spread all over the world. The Lord said that this (disease) will begin from the Philippines.”

Believed it or not his prophecy seems started to happen. A shocking news aired in ABS-CBN late night newscast Bandila on Monday, February 24, 2014, the story about mysterious disease in the province of Pangasinan that allegedly coincides with the prophecy of Vincent Selvakumar and Jesus Ministries founder Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj.

"The flesh-eating disease infecting two victims who are suffering due to painful sores that seemed to eat the skin. The victims who contracted the mysterious disease are suffering from multiple skin lesions or wounds which are painful as if devouring the flesh slowly. According to the mother of one of the victims, it all started with a rash then progressed to what now looks like eating the flesh and sometimes maggots and ants are coming out of the lesions." says the report.

Local medical experts attempted to diagnose the disease. Initially diagnosed as leprosy then skin allergy until they reached the point of unknown cause. Medical tests, including biopsy, showed no evidence of the exact cause on how lesions have appeared. The health department also has no clue what kind of disease is spreading in the province and claimed it is not a simply lupus or psoriasis - immune system dysfunction"

“If you don’t repent and pray, God has planned much destruction all over the Philippines which are very disastrous. The cup of God’s wrath over the Philippines is very very disastrous. There will be much disaster all over the land. The Lord will give you over to flood and waters. The Lord will torture your land with typhoons and hurricanes. The Lord will plague the land with diseases. The Lord will punish your land with famine and scattering,” Sadhu added.

Unfortunately, the Department of Health has not give details what this illness is. Aside from the said rare disease, Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj also prophesied about the tsunami in Japan and the super-typhoon Yolanda in Samar and Leyte.