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Shocking: A South Korean Woman Clone Supermodel Miranda Kerr Through Plastic Surgery

In so much adoration to Miranda Kerr, a young women of South Korean named Hong Yuh Reum, undergone a massive plastic surgery to mimic the look of the Australian supermodel.

Hong Yuh Reum, who appeared on the Korean TV show "Alien Virus," fell in love with the Victoria's Secret angel when she saw her on TV walking on the ramp.But she was disappointed the Australian model was not more popular in South Korea.

Courtesy of http://iamkoream.com/
To achieve her dream of becoming the Korean Kerr, Hong said she had plastic surgery on her nose and eyes, uses blue contact lenses and dyes her hair golden brown.

In Yahoo Philippines! article,  Hong reportedly said that she fell in love with Miranda Kerr when she first found her in Victoria Secret’s runway, which she saw in television by chance.

“I love the way how Miranda Kerr looks. She is beautiful but has got some special charms that captivates my attention.”she said.

She added that she wanted to be unique rather than just pretty.

When she was asked what to do if she meets the Australian Model, Hong reportedly said:

First, I will take a picture and get an autograph of her. I want to tell her that I respect her so much and that I even want to resemble her toe nails. Most of all, I want to ask her how she thinks of me since I even went through plastic surgery to look like her.”

Hong also said that she encountered online bullying and tag her as the fake Miranda Kerr.