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Gross: Live worm allegedly found in Mcdonald's cheeseburger [Davao]

Do you love burger so much? Be careful.

A fast-food chain customer in Davao City became dismayed when she found out that the burger she ordered had special-added ingredient; a  LIVE WORM.

The said customer reported the incident to San Pedro Police Station past 2 AM on November 14 after allegedly seeing a live worm fall out from a burger that she ordered.

Photo : KUVA / Ville Kinaret

According to Ang Balitang Davao, the police report identified the fast-food chain as McDonald’s.

“I might have eaten a part of it,” said career-woman Susan Longuinsa, 33 years old, to the desk officers on-duty. She added that she consumed almost half of the burger when she noticed something fall out from it. Upon closer inspection, she identified that it was a worm, causing her discomfort and worry that it might cause her some diseases.

McDonald’s Bajada is expected to answer to the allegation after the case has been referred to the City Health Office and the Bureau of Food and Drugs for further investigation.

McDonald’s has already been informed about the complaint and yet to give statement on their side.

This is not the first time that Mcdonald's had this issue.In 2012, a gentleman in Finland also discovered live worms in Mcdo's burger.He took pictures as a proof and the said company apologize for the incident.

Via Ang Balitang Davao

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