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Watch: Boy Climbs Coco Tree to Save Himself from 'Queenie' Flashflood

The Cebu provincial government posted on Facebook a video showing Jason Baldado, 7 year-old boy climbing a coconut tree to keep himself safe from the flood of the swelling river.

Janetta Fabrigar Obiasada, the person who took the video said in her facebook account: "This child was given by God a second chance.. This family was very poor.. They only live in this riverside where it happened.."Amigong Bisaya blog posted.

The brave boy was eventually rescued but his mother, Alona, 50, was found dead, according to the Cebu government.

Water overflowing from the banks of the Saliring River in Malabuyoc washed away their house on Thursday morning.

Queenie dumped heavy rains over Visayas and Mindanao since Wednesday afternoon. P

Heavy rains was due to tropical depression ‘Quennie’ that triggered widespread flooding in some areas in Southern Cebu and Mindanao ince Wednesday afternoon.PAGASA expects it to exit the Philippine Area of Responsibility Friday.
Video credit: Janetta Fabrigar Obiasada