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Man eats Dog became violently ill,Attacks wife and neighbors

Esperanza, Sultan Kudarat - A man in mid-40 of age died after he had suffered severe viral infection allegedly caused by eating dog's meat.

The man only known as “Mr. Gonzales" was an active Philippine Army officer assigned in a remote detachment in Barangay Plamango within the province of Sultan, Kudarat.

According to our source, Mr.Gonzales started to become ill after he and his neighbors feasted the meat of his own pet dog.

As his illness worsens, he started to act violently. He attempted to bites off his neighbors and strangles his wife. His had mad-looking eyes and salivating tongue... He behaves like rabid dog witnesses said.
Photo of slaughtered dog via ibtimes.com
Getting more critical, His family then decided to bring him in one of the hospital in Tacurong City for medical attention. But it was too late, the man did not survive longer due to complications, he died last November.

The doctors who examined Gonzales told the family to bury his body immediately or be cremated because they found out massive types of viruses on it. The said viruses are capable of infecting and kill hundreds of people in just a short span of time, our source added.

It was not clear if Gonzales serious illness was caused by rabies infection but our source mentioned that he once bitten by the same dog when it still a puppy.

The health personnel of the said hospital subsequently alerted and advised those people who’d joined Gonzales eating the dog meat to have anti-rabies vaccine immediately.

Under the 1998 Animal Welfare Act of the Philippines says that only cattle, pigs, goats, sheep, poultry, rabbits, carabaos, horses, deer and crocodiles could be killed for food.

Dogs could be killed only for religious ritual; or when they endanger people; or when it is necessary to control their population, the law adds.

Convicted violators could be imprisoned for six months to two years, and fined at least Peso 1,000 (Dh 83.33).

But 2012 report revealed there we’re 290,000 dogs are butchered and eaten every year, trading of dog meat has reached Peso 174 million (Dh14.5 million) annually, and restaurants that specialize on dog meat thrive because of patronage from local government leaders, challenging lowly-paid law enforcers from implementing the country’s 14-year old law against dog eating, a local paper said.