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Top 9 Celebs Mourning of Losing Millions Instagram Followers as #InstaPurge2014 Hits

On Thursday, Instagram made a general cleaning in the social platform by deleting all the robot, spam, and inactive accounts, leaving many user with significant lose in followers.

Among severely hit were Celebrities says Business Insider.

According to an infographic created by web developer Zach Allia, Bieber lost the most followers, with 3,538,228 followers now gone forever. Kim Kardashian came in second with 1,300,963 followers lost.

Beyonce Knowles is currently in second place with 21.4 million followers. She lost around 866,000 followers after the purge.

Even accounts like National Geographic and the NBA weren't safe from the crack down.

How funny that the data shows Instagram itself loses 18 Million followers.

in the said global purge.

Before the purging, Instagram had issued warned in a blog post that it will permanently delete spam accounts so they will no longer be included in follower counts.

A report on Business Insider said Instagram's crackdown has prompted some users to ask the company to stop eliminating accounts.

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